Real Estate IT Asset Management Platform for companies which need to have the control their Real Estate Inventories.

ST Idea design and develops DOMUS (Real Estate Asset Management Platform) taking advantage of the vast experience of Grupo Sociedad de Tasación in the Real Estate Industry.

DOMUS is created as a standard product which provides IT support to divisions in large corporations in charge of the management of Real Estate Assets.

DOMUS Sistema de Activos Inmobiliario

DOMUS allows to maintain an updated and valued real estate inventory of the real estate assets which belong to a specific corporation. Due to the importance Real Estate Assets have in the balance sheets of corporations, the quality of the information managed by DOMUS and its help in the decission making process becomes DOMUS a value added tool for the company.

DOMUS architecture allows to perfectly define the real estate assets in elements (constructions and land). For each of them its type of use (Residential, Commercial, Industrial...) is specified as well as its status (owned, rented, leased, administrative concession).

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